Crypto FX

Crypto FX

Diversify your portfolio with CFDs on leading cryptocurrencies, without any of the hassle of owning or storing crypto.

Crypto FX

Trading Crypto

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets whose ownership is recorded on the blockchain by means of distributed ledger technology. The ownership of cryptocurrencies is transparent, traceable, and immutable, and the market for crypto is volatile, dynamic, and diverse. Bitcoin has long been known as “crypto gold” while Ethereum creeps up with more use cases and technological products to infuse the currency with additional value.

Why Trade CFD Crypto?

Although the benefits of crypto are great, the burden of purchasing digital assets and safeguarding them is too much for many traders. CFDs are a great alternative that allows traders and investors to diversify their portfolios with crypto assets without the need to open a wallet, purchase crypto, store it, and keep it safe.

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    Live Market Updates
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