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Proof of Work Blockchain Consensus

Mining crypto is a means to secure blockchain networks that rely on the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism to validate the truth of transactions and secure the network. Blockchains such as the Bitcoin blockchain utilize Proof of Work. The work involved in PoW consensus involves hardware computing power. In theory, any individual can use their laptop to mine Bitcoin, but in reality, large mining firms with huge amounts of computing power are

How to Mine Crypto

In crypto mining, only the first miner to solve the complex cryptographic equation, or “hash function”, is rewarded newly minted cryptos. Therefore, the probability of any individual miner turning profits by mining on their personal computer’s CPU is highly improbable.

Individual miners can join mining pools to increase their probability of reward. Any earned rewards are split between all of the participants in the mining pool. Mining crypto comes with its fair share of costs and risks but can be a good way for invested individuals to maximize the power of their hardware to return a profit.

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